Coaching and Holistic Services

1:1 Coaching Sessions

● Online zoom meetings for 1hr
● Weekly emails and exercises
● Progressive recovery plan for a deep rooted change
● Using our codependent characteristics in our favor
● Changing unhealthy thinking patterns and irrational beliefs
● Learning the importance of detachment and accountability
● Developing a strong communication
● Moving through fear and acceptance
● Understanding anger
● Breaking the shame barrier
● Practicing radical self-love and self-care
● Adding holistic practices and recovery tools to your daily routine
● Building the life that you want

Relationship Focused Coaching

● Online zoom meetings for 1 hour
● Coaching to strengthen relationship bonds
● Understanding our love attachments and needs
● Developing an emotional presence
● Learning to reach and respond
● Understanding boundaries and intimacy
● Recognizing toxic relationships
● Changing dating patterns
● Healing from a heartbreak
● Discovering our love language
● Feminine and Masculine energy

Free Consultation

● 20 minute introductory session
where we can meet and get to know
each other better.

Yoga and Sound Therapy

● 1:1 private session
● Couples session
● Group sessions for 6 or more
● Private events and retreats

Lorna's Philosophy

“Recovering will require us to absolutely evaluate our lives. We have to dig so deep that it might feel like we are drowning but I promise you that the healing path is a miracle life vest.
Your life has taken you up to this moment.
You are here. Now.
I see it.
I value it.
I honor and admire it.
Will you step into your life changing recovery today?”