Owning our lives by creating a new way of loving ourselves, our relationships and our being.

Our role in codependency can be either in recovery or denial. Which one will you step in today?

What an Honor it is to have you here in this transformational space.

When we are looking for a new way of living, I truly believe we can find an incredible willpower to immerse ourselves in the deep waters of our core and come out as a version of ourselves we thought we would never meet. Today, I am here to tell you that meeting that version will be the greatest gift you could ever give to yourself and those around you.

Lorna Hernández

Codependency recovery and life coach, sound therapist and yoga teacher.

My focus is to help you build a radically truthful and compassionate relationship with your codependency, your character defects and the way you show up for yourself and your relationships. To guide you through the difficulty of fear, thoughts and moments, and teach you how to hold yourself in the most authentic way. By owning your shadows and transforming them, you will find how to sincerely love and have a life with healthy boundaries, self-care, detachment, and serenity.

We don’t have to live our lives in repeated scenarios, in entanglement, in toxic relationships, in fear and shame.

We can change the course of our path by embracing the truth of our hurt, accepting it with a loving embrace, and taking a radical decision to bettering ourselves. We can recover. We can heal. We can truly be ourselves and find like-minded people who will lift us up and support our incredible journey. I am here to support you, to guide you through it all, and show you there is a beautiful and peaceful way of living life.

We can start here…

1:1 Coaching

Work with me with scheduled single sessions and transformative programs to support and strengthen a lasting recovery.

Relationship Focused Coaching

Recognizing how our codependency affects our relationship bonds, our dating patterns, attachment styles and love wounds.

Sound Therapy and Yoga

Book a private or group session to ground into your body, mind, and spirit with a deep vinyasa practice and sound bath.


Only when we access our feelings, sit with them, name them, and make sense of them, can we ever learn to manage them. -The Secure Relationship


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