Owning our lives by creating a new way of loving ourselves in our relationships and our transitions.

What an honor it is to have you here in this transformational space.

When we are looking for a new way of living, I truly believe we find a willpower to immerse ourselves in the deep waters of our core, remember who we are and what we came here to do: live the life we are meant to live. Today, I am here to tell you that embracing this reality will be the greatest gift you could ever give to yourself and those around you.

Lorna Hernández

Holistic Coach focused in codependency recovery, feminine rites of passage facilitator, sound therapist and yoga teacher.

My focus is to help you build a radically truthful and compassionate relationship with the way you show up for yourself. To guide you through life’s transitions, bring awareness and pave the way back to your inner home. We don’t have to live our lives in repeated scenarios, stuck in patterns, in relationships we don’t want participate, in fear and shame.

We can change the course of our path by remembering the truth of our hearts and taking a radical decision in committing to the life we want to build. We can truly find ourselves and be a magnet for an endless sea of possibilities. I am here to support you, to hold space for you and shine a light to all the things you want to bring to your life.

Together, alongside a community, we will access a love and kindness that will show you how to have a life with healthy boundaries, self-care, detachment, and serenity.

Next workshop

Encontrándonos con la Meditación

Domingo 19 de mayo en El Estudio de ciudadela

Nos reunimos presencial para conectarnos con nuestra esencia y mantenernos en el camino de la promesa de devoción, creando hermandad y apoyo colectivo e individual. Este es un espacio de mujeres para crecer y sostener nuestra sagrada magia. Aqui aprenderemos a llevar una vida mas plena, autentica y en total feminidad junto a la invitación de otros recursos.

Este taller es para comenzar y/o profundizar nuestra práctica de meditación, honrando lo tradicional y descubriendo nuevas formas de expresarnos.

Incluye práctica, ejercicios de respiración, movimiento, yoga, sound healing, te, goodie bag y más.

We can start here…

Work with me with scheduled single sessions and transformative programs to support your journey.

Gathering to heal ourselves, learn new tools, explore different topics, host speakers and facilitators, build community and remember our truth.

Book a private or group/event session to ground into your body, mind, and spirit with a deep vinyasa practice and sound bath.


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