Am I Codependent?

Do you find yourself overly involved in situations that entangle you with those closest to you and/or people that do not necessarily add to your life?
Do you abandon your life, your hobbies, friends and family when you start a new relationship?
Do you use the intensity of need and infatuation as a proof of love?
Is it hard for you to let go of situations, even if there is nothing you can truly do?
Do you repress your thoughts, feelings and needs because of fear, guilt or to "keep the peace"?
Do you feel overly responsible for others and try to anticipate their needs?
Do you blame others or yourself for the circumstances in your life?
is it hard for you to set boundaries and if set, are they constantly crossed?
Do you find difficulty in trusting people and getting close?
Are you constantly trying to find happiness, peace and fulfillment yet coming back empty handed?
Does it feel like things never go your way, even when you did "everything right"?
is it difficult for you to have fun and be spontaneous?
do you get angry, snap, lose your temper, even become violent and blame others for it?
is it easy for you to isolate yourself, withdraw and lose daily routine?
is it difficult for you to express your emotions in an honest, open and appropriate way ? does that make it easier to avoid talking about yourself, your problems, feelings and thoughts?
do you feel like you give so much but never receive?
do you overcommit yourself?
Are problems making you terribly anxious?
do you find yourself doing things you said you wouldn't do or tolerate?
do you cover up, lie and protect problems?
have you planned an escape from a relationship you have felt trapped in?
do you use alcohol, drugs, sex and work as a way to escape?

Welcome to the Codependents Club.

Understanding codependency is not black and white situation but rather many color combinations with their own canvas to lay them on. Humans are the grand painters, and each step we take to getting a clearer view of our recovery is a paint stroke to dive deeper into the complexity of our own path. We slowly start to visualize our masterpiece, which is our self-value and the life we are building.

That is our power as the artists of our lives: understanding why we chose the things that we do, how it affects us and the willpower that lies within us to change the course of our path by taking healthier and authentic choices. We put a huge effort by accepting our codependent characteristics and working WITH them, not against them. They are the arrows that point to the things that we lack within ourselves and our relationships, especially our closest ones. It is looking at our side of the street, not others. We cannot be fully codependent if we are completely alone, and many people choose solitude because of that. We do not have to live in the shadows. We do not have to be so afraid of people or ourselves. We do not have to walk on eggshells, fearing our reactions. We can learn how to sit with our feelings and move from a calmer and clearer space that feels honest to us. Codependency is about discovering where the fear and the anxiety come from. Its about creating a radically compassionate relationship with yourself as you move through the acceptance of it. It is about living life with healthy boundaries, self-care, detachment and serenity as it unfolds.

Diving deeper.

Codependent characteristics


Low-Self Worth






Poor Communication

Weak Boundaries

Lack of Trust


Sex Problems

We are here to understand ourselves and discover the strength to overcome the barriers that limits us.