Hi, I’m Lorna Hernández and I am honored to help you reach your

Goals Well-being Transformation

“Sometimes we need a catharsis to allow a new version of ourselves to rise, gasp for air and collapse everything we thought we knew about ourselves, life, love and relationships.”

My name is Lorna Hernandez. I am a certified holistic coach focused on codependency recovery, certified sound therapist, yoga teacher and painter. My journey throughout this life has been an everchanging and evolving rollercoaster since I was 5 years old when my codependent mother and alcoholic father divorced. Life growing up became hectic as we moved around constantly from different places and lifestyles up until I was 18 years old. At that age, I decided to move out and sustain myself as best as I could, working in restaurants and bars while I was studying in art school. I jumped in and out of different types of relationships and flings, loved the party scene, and had multiple addictions such as alcohol, drugs, sex and love. I was always evolving in some way but the hard way, until slowly, my eyes started to open to many realities. I started to see the environment I was allowing myself to be, the toxicity I was around with, the mental, emotional and even physical abuse. After a huge breaking point in my lowest moment, I decided I was tired of my own patterns, repeated scenarios, being stuck and resentful for the things that happened in my life. I realized I needed to start committing to serious changes if I truly wanted to have a healthier and fulfilling existence. I had to face my deepest truths and fears, and pull out all the weeds that were suffocating the real me. The me that is not acting out of trauma anymore, out of hurt, out of anger, low self-worth, shame, control and pleasing others.

Stepping into a radically loving and compassionate way to heal and forgive was the biggest gift I ever gave to myself.

After a lot of therapy, soul searching, three hundred thousand chaturangas, many books, a whole lot of writing and realizations, I started to finally breathe. I began to find peace, to detach, and to recover. I also realized that even being recovered, my codependency was and still is what ties everything in my life. It is my root and my guide into learning how to love and respect myself and others. To create a life filled with things that truly resonate with my heart and soul. To prioritize my mental, physical and emotional health. To deepen my spiritual and holistic practices. To cultivate healthy, honest and loving relationships. To be of service without attaching myself and step away from people and scenarios that pull me closer into being the person I no longer identify with. To be responsible of my feelings, thoughts and actions. Because I recognized my codependency, it is not my enemy anymore nor does it take the wheel of my life’s choices. It is a part of me I constantly keep in check, listen to and embrace without letting it give me doubt, fear and anxiety.

I can live authentically and grow every step of the way.

If you feel called and inspired to work with me...