Yoga & Sound Therapy
for deep grounding, cleanse and body | mind reset.

What is sound therapy?

It is an ancient sensory therapy that uses the voice and musical instruments to generate specific vibrations that benefit the human organism. These vibrations allow a restoration of the frequencies that we carry in our bodies and organs, especially the parts that are sick or blocked.

The scientific base of sound therapy is working with resonance in sympathy, which is when one object provokes vibrations to another. When a vibrational object travels through our bodies, even animals, it enters our magnetic field and the physical body. Sara Auster, sound therapist and author of Sound Bath: Meditate, Heal and Connect Through Listening, quotes that sounds baths provoke “a deeply immersive, full-body listening experience.”

Sound eases us, it energizes, brings back memories, help us transmute our emotions, deepens our meditation practice, it creates a sense of awareness, empowers us, and it helps alleviate stress and anxiety.

What are the effects of sound healing?

It is scientifically proven that sound and music have healing effects with the principles of resonance, the sound that modifies brain waves. This creates a term called Neurofeedback, a type of alternative treatment where the brain waves are influenced through auditory or visual stimuli to create a desired state. This is a non-invasive technique that can boost attention, enhance memory, creativity and cognitive abilities, promote communication skills, treat anxiety and stress, and promote a better quality of sleep as well. It creates a deep relaxation that relieves stress not only mentally but also physically, relieving pains that are stored in the body. It diminishes any type of excessive mental activity to achieve states of well-being, peace and harmony by stimulating the brain in producing serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates our mood. Serotonin also works in other areas in the body that aid sleep, sexual function, healthy digestion, bone health, and blood clotting, which helps the body heal itself.

It also creates a deep sense of meditation and awareness, helping us tap into our emotional and spiritual self, cleansing our energy field from negativity and mind-chatter. Even though this practice is relatively new, especially in the science realm, using sound and vibrations to influence our mental and physical health has been practiced since ancient times. A great example is the drumming of Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures in their religious ceremonies and gatherings that honored different events such as celebrations, death, union and offerings.

what are the benefits of mixing it with yoga?

Incredible! Because yoga helps us connect directly to our bodies by opening and releasing areas where we store tension and emotions, adding sound therapy makes the experience deeper and transcendental. It can even become an outer body experience, helping us navigate through sensations and emotions we thought we couldn’t access with this practice.

Yin yoga is the one I personally use because of its releasing benefits. It helps us enter a complete state of relaxation and surrender becomes extremely accesible. It is truly magical!

What are the instruments that you use?

Crystal bowls are the main instruments used in each session along with bells, angel callers, Tibetan bowls, chimes, drums, shruti box, rain stick and sansula.

Location and time

We will discuss when and where is best for everyone. Spots are usually at the beach, a park or in the privacy of your home.

Sessions last approximately 2 hours.


To schedule a private session, please write a direct email with the amount of people, date and time of interest.

Bigger groups for events and retreats are also welcome.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your water, a yoga mat, a journal, and your full intention to feel and release. This is a space of introspection but also a space to enjoy, relax and have fun! Healthy snacks and warm tea are included.

Who cannot take these sessions?

Women that are pregnant, people that have any metals that surround their chest and heart, anyone who suffers from a severe mental condition, schizophrenia, and epilepsy.

Disclaimer: This service neither provides any medical advice nor intends to substitute professional medical opinion on any treatment, diagnosis, prevention or alleviation of any disease, disorder or disability. Always consult with your doctor or qualified healthcare professional about your health condition and/or concerns and before undertaking a new health care regimen including making any dietary or lifestyle changes.