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Online Programs

Límites: Honrando el Corazón

Junio 2024

Un programa en línea de 4 semanas para mujeres que quieren aprender a establecer límites (boundaries), hablar su verdad, liberarse y construir relaciones mas sanas y seguras.

1:1 Coaching

Codependency Coaching

● Online zoom meetings for 1hr
● Weekly emails and exercises
● Progressive plan for a deep rooted change
● Using our codependent characteristics in our favor
● Changing unhealthy thinking patterns and irrational beliefs
● Learning the importance of detachment and accountability
● Developing a strong communication
● Moving through fear and acceptance
● Understanding anger
● Breaking the shame barrier
● Practicing radical self-love and self-care
● Adding holistic practices and recovery tools to your daily routine
● Building the life that you want

Relationship Focused Coaching

● Online zoom meetings for 1 hour
● Coaching to strengthen relationship bonds
● Understanding our love attachments and needs
● Developing an emotional presence
● Learning to reach and respond
● Understanding boundaries and intimacy
● Recognizing toxic relationships
● Changing dating patterns
● Healing from a heartbreak
● Discovering our love language
● Feminine and Masculine energy

Feminine Rites of Passage Facilitation

This work is exclusively for women who are interested in leading a life with a feminine and archetypal purpose, that want to honor big and small transitions, creating ceremony around these moments. This is the path of letting go of old identities, discovering who you are beneath all the stories you have adopted and transforming yourself to the woman you have always carried in your essence. This is a deep commitment of self-love, sacredness and devotion. Using archetypal stories like Sealskin, Soulskin by Clarissa Pinkolet, we will find one that resonates with your personal journey.

Free Consultation

● 20 minute introductory session
where we can meet and get to know
each other better.