Boundaries: Radically Honoring Ourselves

A 4 week program to learn how to bravely speak our truth,
set ourselves free and build safer relationships.

May 2023

When we think about boundaries, we visualize an energy field or an imaginary line separating us from someone else. Boundaries basically help each person know where one thing ends and where another begins. Like Melody Beattie states in her book Beyond Codependency: “Unlike states on maps, we don’t have thick black lines delineating our borders. Yet, each of us has our own territory. Our boundaries define and contain that territory, our bodies, minds, emotions, spirit, possessions, and rights.” They create a separateness that allows you to have your own feelings, make your own decisions from an empowering space, and bravely ask for what you want without feeling the need to please others.

When there are no boundaries, people can take advantage because limits have not been set about how you expect to be treated. When this happens, the relationship with that person starts to feel unsafe and many hurtful events can unfold. These situations can happen in all kinds of relationships- with a lover, a family member, a coworker, even your kids.

Why are boundaries so important?
  • Creating and setting healthy emotional boundaries means that we want to learn how to take care of ourselves.
  • That we value our needs and feelings deeply.
  • That we will allow ourselves to ask for what we need while also placing direct accountability to that person.
  • That we understand we are not responsible of other’s feelings and behaviors.
  • They define what you are comfortable with and how others can treat you.
  • They help us recognize our limits and communicate it to others.
  • They help us say “no”, to not overcommit ourselves and not do things we don’t want to do.
  • They help us set realistic expectations and recognize our limits.
  • They determine how we fit and bond with the people around us.
What happens if we don't clearly communicate our boundaries?
  • We have an unclear sense of ourselves.
  • We may find difficulty defining the difference between our feelings and someone else’s.
  • We find ourselves in situations where we betray ourselves.
  • We don’t know how to get out of harmful situations or relationships.
  • We get angry.
  • We feel resentment towards that person.
  • We feel misunderstood.
  • We feel victimized.
  • We may behave in a passive-aggressive way or people please.
  • We may become vindictive.
Why is it hard to set boundaries?

None of us are born with boundaries. They are taught to us by our parents. Some are fortunate to be brought up into adulthood knowing who they are, knowing what they like and dislike, not trespassing others and not allowing others to invade them. They’ve created a very solid sense of self.

Others grew in environments where their own boundaries and rights were crossed or invaded. They may have weak or nonexistent boundaries if they were abandoned or neglected in some way, they were not nurtured or didn’t have appropriate limits and discipline. Inappropriate roles between family members, power plays, substance presence and abuse also make it hard for children to see healthy boundaries amongst adults. This makes creating a sense of self and a healthy self-esteem hard to form.

Despite all the things we've been through, we can all learn how to set healthy boundaries in our adulthood and start creating safety in our relationships.

This program is for those who:

-Are ready to look deep within
-Are ready to recognize the root cause and patterns
-Are ready to forgive themselves and others
-Want to create a solid sense of self and self-esteem
-Want to communicate clearly
-Want to learn the art of firmly setting and enforcing boundaries
-Want to learn how to lovingly detach from people and situations
-Want to know when silence is best and when to let go
-Are ready to evolve into a person who has inner freedom

What's included:

  • Group meetings once a week via Zoom
  • Weekly assignments
  • Boundary workbook 
  • Daily meditations


Pay full price
includes a 1:1 session
after program ends
Pay 3 monthly
Pay 6 monthly