Breaking Free from Codependency

A 3 month intensive program for those who are ready to break the chains that tie them deeply to codependency in their close relationships.

October-December 2023

Codependents are truly the most loving and giving people you could ever meet. That is why more than ever, we must radically take care of ourselves and learn to tend to our needs first
in a loving and compassionate way.

This is a journey of deep self discovery where you will dig out all the roots that are tying you to things that are giving you a disservice. That are dragging you away from choosing to be the person you know you are capable of being.

We don’t need to give our power away to people, even when their behavior affects us. It doesn’t have to. There is such a powerful way of handling life’s situations that don’t need to overly give us stress and irrational beliefs such as people’s behaviors and rejections as reflections of our self-worth. We don’t need to keep trying to please others, hide our emotions, want people to fix us or us wanting to desperately fix them. We don’t need to allow people and situations affect us to a level where we may not even recognize ourselves anymore.

How many times have you thought: “I easily lose myself”? To how many people and situations have you lost yourself before? What will it take to finally say “I’m done. I’m tired. I want a peaceful life”? I sure pray that moment is NOW.

This program is for people who:

-Are tired of being people pleasers
-Do not want to repress themselves anymore
-Do not want to place their self-value on others or circumstances
-Do not want to be controlled or control others/situations
-Do not want to keep obsessing over things
-Are done blaming life and others
-Do not want to have a deep dependency
-Want to communicate better
-Firmly place boundaries
-Want to trust themselves in all they do
-Are tired of being angry
-Got out of a substance dependency
-Have a loved one in a substance dependency
-Want to change their relationship patterns
-Are ready to stop denying things
-Are ready to be responsible for themselves
-Want to fully live and embody their truth

Not only is this work filled with deep love, acceptance and practical tools, its also extremely spiritual. We connect with a Higher Power greater than ourselves.

Things we will cover:

  • Explaining Codependency and where does it comes from
  • Identifying Codependent characteristics and using them to our favor
  • Identifying areas in our lives that need deep support, acceptance and forgiveness
  • Building motivation, confidence and readiness for change
  • Tools and practices to help manage emotions and transitions
  • Breathwork Techniques with Jose Alejandro
  • Changing irrational belief systems
  • The elements of strong communication
  • Accountability, Boundaries & Detachment with Humberto Valenzuela
  • Anger management
  • Moving through fears
  • Building core values
  • Bettering our consumption habits
  • Substances
  • Overcoming fatal attractions
  • Relationship triggers
  • Understanding the Divine Feminine and Masculine energy with Beatriz Bonnin
  • Building deep intimacy in our relationships with Dr. Carmen Lugo
  • Living a Spiritual and Holistic Life with Dr. Melanie Rodriguez
  • A conversation with a recovered codependent

What's included:

  • Group meetings once a week via Zoom
  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching with Lorna
  • Weekly assignments
  • Daily meditations
  • Workshops with exceptional leaders and professionals
  • The book Codependent No More & Beyond Codependency by Melody Beattie
  • A beautiful one day gathering to celebrate our healing journey
guest teachers:

Beatriz Bonnin


Beatriz has completed extensive hours in training in Vinyasa, Iyengar, Pranayama, and prenatal yoga for more than 7 years teaching and training in the Yoga field. She started her journey when she was 18 years old after undergoing an abusive relationship and recovering from addictive patterns and found deep healing in Yoga and other holistic methods to come back to who she truly is. 

Beatriz teaches from the heart, centered in deep understanding and wisdom gained from her journey and teachers, calling in all women and people who identify with her story and way of teaching, all women who are looking to find themselves again after drifting far from their truth and want to go through a process of purging and rebirth. 

She focuses on profound energetic cleansings, purges and shadow work to then call in the light work and transmute the past pains into pure power and wisdom just as she did with her story.

She has also been initiated into Shamanism working with earth-based rituals, teachings, and healings. Her connection to Pachamama is something that has always been present in her life and she calls in the spirits of nature and medicine wheel to assist her in all her offerings and has undergone studies with the Kogi tribe in Colombia, Sacred Woman School, and the Ñusta paqo path from the Qero lineage who hold the ancient wisdom of the Andes.

Jose Alejandro

Jose Alejandro is an embodied leadership coach, impact-driven business strategist, men’s work facilitator and breathwork practitioner.

He is the Founder of Intentional Impact, a program focused on helping impact-driven men increase their impact and initiate the next evolution of their gift, vision and leadership with intention and integrity.

Apart from being the Co-Founder of Modern Renaissance Man, he bridges his personal life experiences and hero’s journey with his training in somatic experiencing, trauma informed coaching, menswork, breath work, ancestral wisdom, and rites of passages to inspire men to own their story, release limiting beliefs, and embody their truth.

Dra. Carmen Lugo

Carmen is a clinical psychologist, holistic coach,
yoga therapy instructor and reiki master.

Dr. Carmen Lugo completed a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a Post-Doctorate in systemic therapies (couple therapy and family therapy). She has worked with multiple populations, however, her specialty is trauma work, women’s psychology, and couple relationships.

She has also taken certifications as a Holistic Coach, Health Psychology and in “Mind & Body” medicine at Harvard Medical University in Massachusetts, which focuses on therapies based on “Mindfulness” (therapy with full consciousness). She is a Yoga Therapy instructor and offers Reiki energy healing services.

She currently offers couples therapy, group therapy and individual therapy services for adults with a holistic approach in her private practice. In addition, she serves the elderly population by offering mental health services in long-term care homes.

Dra. Melanie Rodriguez

Melanie is a clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist,
reiki master and sound therapist.

Dra. Melanie A. Rodríguez Prosper is a graduate of Ponce Health Sciences University, where she completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. During her internship, she obtained experience working in the Health Psychology scenario, joining a multidisciplinary team and integrated what unites Medicine and Psychology to address the spectrum of situations that patients bring to their primary care providers.

After her doctorate, she felt a call to deepen her being through processes which sparked her to move onto a holistic career path. It was there where she felt the call to work with energy and became certified in the treatment of medicine complementary energy healing through Reiki. In addition, she felt the call to work with healing processes in deep parts of consciousness specifically with the subconscious. So she got the certification in Professional Hypnotherapy at the Center for Hypnotherapy and Wellness of Puerto Rico with the endorsement of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT).

She offers virtual psychotherapy services, workshops, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Sound Therapy in the metropolitan area in Puerto Rico.

Humberto Valenzuela

Humberto is a trauma and addiction Professional.

Humberto E. Valenzuela is a pioneer on the subject of sexual addiction in Puerto Rico and the Latino community. He trained with Dr. Patrick Carnes at the Institute of Trauma & Addiction Professionals (IITAP) in Phoenix AZ. He completed master’s studies in Psychology at the Interamerican University in PR and is pursuing a master’s degree in Human Sexuality at The Institute for Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality (IASHS), directed by Dr. Ted McIlvena, in San Francisco CA.

As part of his master’s degree in Human Sexuality, he has thoroughly studied the specialized works of Dr. William Masters and Dr. Virginia Johnson (Masters & Johnson) on human sexual functions, and the results obtained by Dr. Alfred Kinsey (The Kinsey Institute) on sexual behaviors. In Puerto Rico, he has collaborated with Dr. Gloria Mock in workshops related to the topic of sexual addiction and supports 12 Step programs related to the topic. He is the founder and director of the Picaya Institute established in Puerto Rico for the treatment and effective therapy of sexual addiction aimed at the entire Latino community.


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